6th and 7th Race Recap

It’s been awhile but my resolution still stands after 7 month. I have been busy wedding planning so I my races were quick and June’s was last-minute. I’m getting married in less than a week and there is still so much to do. I have run 7 races so far this year and I’m not looking to stop, especially since I am already registered for races in August, September and November. For June and July I ran 5k’s and back to back weekends as well. I am keep the distances short since I’ll be doing the Disney Run weekend August/September which will be 22.4 miles total over 3 days. I’m nervous for it but I’ll be ready. So lets recap these past to months and races.

For June I ran the So-Cal Pirates 5k on June 24th. It was in Bolsa Chica and was along the beach which was nice, but it was humid. I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks (probably the stress of the wedding) so I felt really slow. I started in the front with all the people who were worried about times and I just ran at my pace. While I was aiming for a podium spot I wasn’t trying to kill myself and die out. I passed a few women and knew I was at least in the top 5. I got a time of 21:28.49 and I finished 3rd female overall and 1st in my age group. It was slower than the Angles 5k, but a better position. This was the first race I had ever gotten a trophy at which was pretty cool. My sister Karlie ran with me as well.  She got 6th female overall but first in her age group. It is always nice to have her come with me because it motivates me to do better.

The next weekend I ran another 5k. I had never ran races back to back weekends to I was nervous about that. I ran the Cheetah Runners of America The Beautiful 5k in Long Beach on July 1st. This was a smaller event (only about 80 people). It was interesting because it was near where I ran my first race of the year but not the same route or area. This race was along the sidewalk next to the beach like the weekend before, luckily it was not as humid. Surprisingly not only was I first female overall, but I got a new pr of 19:24. It was a fun race and I hope to run more races with that organization.

The bad thing about running races so early in the month is that now it’s almost two months until my next race. Plus I’m leaving to Florida on my honeymoon so it will be hard to run out there. Not only because of time but the weather will be different. Hopefully the hotel has a gym I can use. I want to not only keep my running streak going, but I don’t want to lose my pace before the Disney runs.



Karlie and I with our So-Cal Pirates 5k finishers medals. Shirts by 73 Threads
3rd female overall and 1st in my age group. I got two medals and a trophy. 


After my new 5k PR.

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