Tinkerbell 10K

My new years resolution to run a race a month lives on. This months race was the Run Disney Tinkerbell 10k. Last minute I decided to register just to get experience with how the Disney runs work because I will be running all three races in the Disney Half Marathon weekend and the Gauntlet Challenge the Avengers race weekend.

Since I registered so late I was on the last corral “F.” While the race started at 5:30 am only the first corral was able to start at that time; obviously. By the time I crossed the start line the race was already 20+ minutes in. As the race was going about 1/4 mile in a woman was already on the ground. It was said she had a stroke. While as horrible as that is, it was awesome to see so many people stopping and helping her. The response time for help was so short. As I was running I was following a woman who was swerving through people and breaking though crowds. I kept up with her for the first 3 miles. As I ran though the castle I ended up passing and losing her. It took 26 minutes to run my first 5k. It is disappointing to see that, especially after I just ran my 5k PR last month. My pace and time wasn’t my best but dealing with the crowds and people it was good for what I was working with. For the last 1.5 mile I was running with this gentleman. I would speed up then he would. We were going back and forth motivating each other. The for the last 0.2 mile we sprinted and raced each other. It was awesome to run “against” someone who pushed me to give it my all.

For this race since it was set to start at 5:30 am and Disneyland is 45-60 minuets away from my house and I wanted to get to the start by 5 am at the latest; my fiancé and I got a hotel and made a weekend out of the trip. While I dove to the race, I would definitely recommend finding a hotel close and walking if you run one of the Disney races; that way you don’t have to pay for parking (if you don’t have a pass) and you don’t loose your parking spot at your hotel; or go park for the race and walk back to the hotel so you don’t have to wait in the crowd of normal Disneyland guests to park; which can take up to 45 minutes to park. If you want to run a Disney race register early. Another downfall to my late registration was that my name wasn’t printed on my bib. Participants have to register by a certain date for their names to be put on their bibs and registering a week before the race definitely is not enough time. Also, registering early allows you to put in qualifying race times so you can go into other corals. It would have been nice to start sooner so there wouldn’t have been so many people to go through.

The Disney race was really cool. I got to see the park in a different way and experience it from a different view. It’s tough to explain but the park just seemed different. The people and guest were genuinely happy. Yes I had to dodge and swerve people but not in the way I have to do durning normal park hours. There weren’t people who just stop for no reason, strollers or kids in the way, babies crying or other obstacles that I face in the park. I didn’t stop and take pictures or walk, but I’m sure doing that would be cool. Possibly for one of the other races I will. If you don’t mind large crowds, waiting and aren’t concerned (truly) with times and podium placing the Disney run is a great race. To see the runners having fun makes the race more enjoyable. I didn’t really dress up but that is part of the fun. I will definitely be dressing up more for the next Disney runs. It was cool to be surrounded by people who enjoy 2 of my favorite things: running and Disney. Now if there was a Disney Run Cat race I would be ecstatic. I would recommend the Disney run to any looking for a fun run that gives them an excuse to go to Disneyland and dress up.

My Results

51:57 time

14th in my division out of 155

76th woman overall out of n8624 women

176 finisher out of men and women.

Celebrating running through the castle. 


Right as I passed the finish line.
I did it.



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