Another Race Bites the Dust

This past weekend, on April 22, I ran my 4th race of the year. I ran the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5k. It was in second 5k of the year and my 3rd time running this race. Last year I ran it and I got 1st in my age group and 2nd woman overall to finish. This year my positions weren’t as good but my performance was a lot better. 

My younger sister Karlie ran with me and like most races we got up early to give us plenty of time before and get to the front of the crowd. In the past I hadn’t done this and I had to cut through people and it hurt my time. The cool thing about this race is that right before mile 3 participants can run through the stadium on the infield warning track dirt. While this is cool as the walking crowd or those not really worried about their time get into the stadium they walk and runners hit a wall of people that they can’t get though and it can take 10 minutes to get through the stadium. 

The race started at 8am. As Karlie and I stood at the starting line I could feel the heat and I told my sister that it was going to be a hot one; and boy was it. Last year the race was earlier in April and the weather was cooler and the weather was overcast. As the race started as I took off I felt the heat. Even in just shorts and a tank top I was hot. I knew the heat wouldn’t give me the time I wanted but I didn’t slow down. I didn’t watch the time of check my watch at all because I didn’t want to push too hard and tire out. I passed many men and women but I just ran my race. I knew there were women ahead of me and I wouldn’t be getting the same position I did last year but I was just focusing on finishing without dying or quitting. Was I approached the finish I could see the time and I wanted less than 21 minutes so I sprinted the last 0.1 and got 20:55 and a new PR. 

While I was faster than last years race I wasn’t fast enough. I was 4th woman over and 3rd in my age group. While it’s a lower position I’m still proud of myself. I realized that I am capable of pushing harder and running faster than I think I can. After this race I have decided that my goal by the end of the year is to get my 5k time to just over 18 minutes so my pace is about 6 minutes each mile. 

Post race picture with my two medals.
I’m always glad to run with Karlie. 
Just a fun photo with her medal. 

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