First 1/2 Marathon…Ever.

Back in January when pre-registration for the upcoming Marvel Disney Run opened up for annual pass holders my fiancé paid for me to register for the 10k and Half marathon for an early wedding gift. Well if you’ve never ran one like me you’ll find that you have to submit results from a sanctioned race that is a 10K or higher to place you in a timing/pace category. This meant that at some point before August, which is the deadline to submit your time, I would have to run a 10K, 15K or half marathon for my pace and timing. Since my goal this year is to run one race a month I knew that I should start looking into longer distance runs so I can figure out which results I wanted to use for my Disney run timing and pace. 

For this months race I decided to run a half marathon.  So I found the New Balance Palm Desert 1/2 Marathon & 5K in Palm Desert, California. Not only was it my first half marathon of year but it was my first half marathon ever. I hadn’t really train and it was really a spur the moment thing, I saw the race on Facebook on Friday, I registered on Tuesday and the race was on Sunday. I was hesitant at first since I know my training has been lacking lately in at sometimes my sciatica acts up, but I knew that I should just dive in, face my fears and run it. I had never run anything longer than a 5K in terms of racing and I hadn’t really run that long of a run since the beginning of the year like the first week of January. But I know that you really shouldn’t run long distance is the week of a race anyways and I figured that even if my time was bad it would lease show me where I stand in terms of long runs and long races and what I should work on.

The California weather has been acting up this week and I was fearful that there might be rain since it will have been raining earlier in the week. Luckily the rain was nonexistent or very minimal to say the least because it was really just like a light mist. It was chilly and overcast but not too bad I still broke a sweat we’re running I wore pants and I probably should have wore shorts most people are in shorts and a tank top.

The course started out flat but by mile 4 I was running up hill and the hills just kept coming. Mile 6 was down hill but from mile 7-10 the miles kept getting lager. I started out too fast and was pacing with someone going to fast for me. By mile 12 I was dead but I knew I couldn’t stop. With every step I wanted to quit but I kept telling myself that once I fishing I’ll do something that at one point I never dreamed of doing and never thought I could do. I wanted to finish in less than 2 hours and I finished in 1:49:45. It’s not a competitive time but it is a start. With that I’ll now be able to know what I need to work on, what to expect and I’ll be less nervous for the next one.

Here I am 3 days later and my body is sore and tired. I truly push my body to the breaking point then kept pushing. You know that cliché that says something about “when you have nothing left to give, give a little more,” or something like that; well I truly had nothing left in me but I dug deep and pulled out more and kept going.

I learned I need to start out slower I don’t need to focus on pacing with somebody but focus on my own pace and focus on breathing and just take it one step at a time. I need to start running hills more and increase my leg strength. The hardest battle wasn’t my body that died and nearly gave out but my mind. I had to push myself and talk to myself. Running truly is mind over matter, you have to focus your mind on everything but your body and you’ll keep going. Sing along with the song playing, count things or talk to yourself if you have too. Keep your mind off the time and your pain and that will help you keep pushing and running. 

I look like a mess but at least I was able to stand when I finished.



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