First Race of 2k17

I haven’t run that many races since I truly started running. Last April when I ran the Angels Foundation 5k I hurt my siatica shortly after which shattered my dream to run a half marathon last year. I ran a 5k this past November and my pace was slower but still at a great pace compared to the rest of the pack. Now here we are in 2017 and I am determined to make this an awesome year. I’m getting married and need to make big things happen and sitting back is not going to get them done. I have big dreams and I won’t let anything happen to me.

One goal I have is to run some sort of race every month, preferably a non-virtual one; not that there is anything wrong with those just I want to get out in the public and run to meet people and run with my family. On Facebook I kept seeing an ad for The Great Chocolate Race Series in Long Beach, Ca. I wanted to do it because it was my last opportunity to run a race in January. I asked my family to run because I didn’t want to go alone and since we are an active family I knew one of them would come run with me. Yesterday, my sister Karlie and I woke up at 4:30am to drive 2 hours to the race. The race started at 7am and we got there earlier enough to get our bibs/trackers and get to the starting line. We kept saying we weren’t going to try too hard  and just take it easy to see where we are at; in terms of pace and feeling.

We stated towards the back and as we started running and weaving through people I couldn’t stay slow and started to take off. The competitive nature came out in me and I was pushing to beat people and get past them. While I lost Karlie, it was nice that we could just run our own race and meet in the end. I finished with a time of 22:05. The position and placing was werid. I got first in the 25-29 Female age group. I also got 2nd female overall based on chip time (when my chip started counting), but since we were further back in the group I wasn’t second female overall since my “gun time” (the time based on when the timer started) was longer my pace decreased. I don’t agree with that, I think chip time is the appropriate way, but I didn’t want to argue. I was happy to just place in anyway. Karlie got first for her age group, 20-24 years. She used to run track in high school and college, and I was super proud of her. I was glad she was able to go with me and motivate me to run.

My shirt is from 73Threads, check them out!!!
My sister Karlie got 1st place in the female 20-25 y/o age group.



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