Here’s to 2017

2016 had its highs and lows. A definite high point was getting engaged. I got engaged to my fiancé after dating 4 1/2 years. It’s weird knowing that come July I’ll be starting my own life on my own. I’ll be someone else’s partner and not relying on my mom for a home and family. Then I graduated which is weird not going to school. Some days I will have a brain fart and think to myself I should be doing homework or worry I’m forgetting homework, papers, projects or missing classes. I still have this dream that I enrolled into a class and forgot to drop it then it’s finals time and I’m failing a class I didn’t drop or attend. 
A definite low was my sciatic nerve injury. Right at the high point of my running career I was set back to my beginning. I went from mid 6 minute miles to high 9’s. I was devastated. I tried running and cycling on my injury but that wasn’t helping. Stretching and rubbing it out only lessened the pain for a moment then it would return. I knew I had to take time off so I took off a week then eased back into running every other day. I got cleats to run on the grass as signed up for the gym to help reduce the impact of the streets on my leg. I’m finally getting back to where I was and I’m ready for more races and to be better than before. 
 Recently I got a crappy job at a warehouse. While the pay was good and I know a job is a job, the hours sucked (it was overnight) and I never saw my family and was tired on my days off. I quit that job and became a cliche late 20’s young adult; the one where people quit their crappy jobs to seek happiness. I’m going through a 27 year old crisis. I’m now without a steady job in the process of planning a wedding while trying to decide where to go (back) to school and for what. I’m trying to figure out my next step while still moving forward in the process. I’m not sure what is next for me but I know I want to travel more and see some football and baseball games out of state; I want to take some risks like skydiving; I want to get some tattoos; I want to run lots of races, in different states. 2017 is about not becoming a new me but a better me, the best me yet. 

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