Brand Names Aren’t Everything

    Here’s a little back story about me. I worked at my local Sports Authority for about 9 months but I was an avid shopper for years and when they closed I was more sad as a customer than employee because now I have to buy all my workout gear online because there is no Dick’s or quality sporting goods stores near me. My sister Brianna and I shopped at Sports Authority at least once a week before I worked there. Well in the entire time I worked there I only bought 3 pairs of running shoes. Two pairs of Asics Contends and one pair of Nikes Frees. My first pair of Asics lasted over 6 months, mind you that was running outside at least 5 days a week and a minimum of 3 miles. My second pair still looks good, I’ve had them since May when I got hurt so they have seen more biking than running but still they had about 2-3 runs a week on them. My Nikes I’ve only ran in a handful of times to they look brand new. 

    In September I signed up for my local gym Fitness 19 and my running has increased a lot due to being able to run on the treadmill. At the gym I don’t wear my outdoor running shoes, I never have. The shoes I run on the treadmill with only see the treadmill. I don’t wear them to use the weights or other cardio machines. To help with my running my fiancé got me a new pair of Nike FS Run Lites (print). I loved these shoes, they were so lite and comfortable, I have other run lites but these ones were my favorite so far. Well on Thanksgiving I noticed the right one had some wearing on it, with a closer look I noticed they had worn almost all the way through to make a hole. I can see my finger. I haven’t even had them a month. I looked at the left shoe and that one is always wearing by my toe. I’m so disappointed because the bottom isn’t even worn down, I’ve never had a pair of shoes where the top wears before the bottom; not even a pair of vans. I don’t even wear them to and from my car into the gym because I don’t want to step in gum or oil, I’m very particular about the way my shoes feel when running. I have owned two other pairs of Run Lites and they have lasted years. The bottoms have worn down but the tops on them still look great. 

    When I worked at Sports Authority I worked in appeal and shoes so I got to know a lot about shoes. I would always tell people not to worry about the brand but what fit their needs and felt right on their feet. When I bought these run lites I tried on multiple types of Nikes that day and those felt the best to me. I have big feet, but they aren’t very wide. I’ve measured them and had them measured by others and they are normal width so the width shouldn’t be causing the hole on the right shoe. 

    My overall review of the Run Lites: they are comfortable and light weight but not durable; they are stylish and nice looking and when running you don’t feel them on your feet. If you want a lightweight shoe that helps you feel fast, run lites are perfect. As for me, I won’t be rushing out to buy another pair soon. 



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