Trying Better Food Options at Disneyland.

As an annual pass holder to Disneyland I often find myself indulging in all the wonderful foods the House of Mouse has to offer. From churros to pizza there is something to satisfy every foodies hunger pain. Usually my family will bring in snacks like beef jerky, sandwiches, chips, etc. but this still doesn’t stop us from buying the other sweets and treats at the park. My brother’s favorite food to get is either the ice cream or a churro. While the churros are good, most of the time, the $4.25 price isn’t so sweet. I find Sam’s club churros to be better in my personal opinion, but my fiancé would disagree with me. I normally  have a pretzel for a snack at the parks but country to popular belief these pretzels are not healthy for you. They are about 425 calories according to My Fitness Pal which is about or close to what a whole meal normally is.

My recent visit with my sister Brianna was all about not eating our normal snack but finding better and heathier options. After doing a little research we found a few options that were not only satisfying but healthier than our normal go to snacks or meals. For a snack we had a pickle, while it is high in sodium at 1,200 mg, it is low in calories and carbs for those who are counting those. I didn’t take a picture of it but These pickles are seriously the best. Way better than ones that come in jars bought at the store.

When it came time for lunch we ate at the Bengal Barbecue. If you click the like and look at the price don’t let it fool you. The $14.00 is for more than one skewer. They range from $3.99-4.49 depending on the type of meat or non-meat. There is a skewer for everyone, and they can be customized. We decided to get the Chieftain Chicken Skewer, Safari Skewer and the Moana inspired skewer. The Chieftain Chicken is just a grilled chicken skewer topped with Polynesian sauce. The Safari Skewer is bacon wrapped asparagus grilled on a stick, they give you a lemon to squeeze on it, but we didn’t do that. The Moana skewer is for a limited time which is grilled pineapple, sausage and shrimp with seasoning on it.

I will say one skewer would not satisfy me as a meal, but we each had about 2 1/2 because we shared the Moana and Safari skewers and that was just enough. The cooked Pineapple was delicious and the Polynesian sauce on the chicken was awesome. You can get no sauce on it for an even healthier option but for me I was okay being less healthy for that flavor. The mean was not dry at all and very tender. You could taste the char on it just the right amount. The chicken skewer is cheaper than a churro and a better snack in my opinion. I know the churro is a quick and convenient snack, there is a line and wait for the skewer but at let they are fresh; however if you want something healthy and delicious I’d recommend the Bengal Barbecue. Kids can even get them, and will most likely enjoy them. I know next time I’m at Disneyland with my other family members I’m going to have them try a skewer over a churro.

From Left to Right: Moana Skewer, Chieftain Chicken Skewers and Safari Skewer. 


I’m not sure how people take cute eating pictures but this is me eating the Moana skewer. Shirt by 73 Threads, check them out and use code “Can2Fit” for 10% off too. 

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